Saturday, January 16, 2016

"Aw Fuck, Not This Again!!!"

"I thought we fixed Wall Street in 2008, with the free money bailout"

An Idiocracy is a society that never learns, because they're too busy watching comedies about the last time they got shorted by Wall Street...

The worst start to a year in stock market history. What's on your mind, Sebastian?

First some terminology:

Bagholder: "a bagholder is a shareholder left holding shares of worthless stocks"

Rewind to Dec. 10th, 2015: 

Fast forward to now...

Let's see, Wall Street's bonus cleared on, December 31st, and since that date, the S&P is down -11% in a straight line. Sheer coincidence. 

Oh wait, then there's this other breadcrumb... 

A day back from break and all of Wall Street got the memo that it's time to sell every rally. Which is what they've been doing for two weeks straight, each one weaker than the last and of shorter duration.

The Big Short 2016:

ZH: Jan. 4, 2016

1) Equities are not attractively priced anymore

2) Balance sheets are deteriorating

3) Profit margins have peaked and are now falling

4) The Fed is approximately 7 years behind the standard tightening curve, give or take

5) China is going to continue monkey hammering stocks via devaluations

Bear Market 101: Sell the open, buy the close...

A tool and his money, are soon parted...
"My financial advisor says that if I sell, I'll never retire..."

"It's like putting your life savings in Powerball, except the money goes straight to the Caymans"