Sunday, January 17, 2016

"Don't Panic The Sheeple"

They might sell

The Idiocracy is being led straight into the abyss by disingenuous fucking morons...the exact same tools who didn't see Lehman coming even after New Century, Bear Stearns, WaMu, Fannie, Freddy, Merrill Lynch, Countrywide, AIG, had already collapsed...

Barron's Jan. 15, 2016
At the Economic Turning Point [Or Not]

"It’s not “peddling fiction” to worry about another economic crisis."

"Neither a $787 billion fiscal stimulus, nor a few trillion dollars of fresh debt, nor a few more trillion of subsidized low-interest rates reversed any fundamental economic trends."

[I'm with you so far, but according to Idiocratic rules, one must present the impossible as equally likely...]

[So, here we go...reeling in the dumbfucks...]
"Still, the U.S. economy could go either way—and those who claim to know the future are merely fortune tellers."

"We may guess that we are at a Minsky moment, but we can’t know for sure."

And until the Minsky Moment occurs, the best course of action is to pretend that it won't, until it's far too late. Because no one can predict the inevitable, and in the meantime we need to buy more Netflix...

Junk bond yields (19%) are at September 2008 levels. The difference being that currently the Fed Funds rate is .25% and rising, whereas back then it was 1.35% and falling...

If you have two eyes and can see straight, you've now been promoted to arrogant retards:

"But the future is unknowable and those who predict the present are mere fortune-tellers peddling fiction"

As it turns out, the past and present are also unknowable. We have yet to determine whether or not we're the first society in human history to successfully borrow its way out of a debt crisis.

And of course the jury is still out on light refraction: