Friday, January 29, 2016

Global Collapse @ "Strong Buy": Obliterated By Groupthink

"As Goes January, So Goes The Year"
"the direction of January's trading (gain/loss for the month) has predicted the course of the rest of the year 75% of the time."

Now, that the market has paused to allow dip buyers to buy the last dip, the next leg down will be centered in mega-cap Hedge Fund Hotels:

ZH: Jan. 23, 2016
1. Apple
2. Allergan
3. Google (Class A shares)
4. Facebook
5. Citigroup
6. Microsoft
7. Amazon
8. Google (Class C shares)
9. Delta
10. Gilead

I'll add Exxon to the list, since it's the only Energy stock that can be owned right now

Equal weight / cap weight S&P:

First, a reminder of what happens to over-owned hedge fund stocks when gamblers all exit at the same time.

ZH: Jan. 27, 2016


The world's largest roach motel is RIGHT at the August lows...down -29% from its all time highs and still a "Strong Buy" on Wall Street...

Weekly long term 

"Strong buy"

Exxon with oil: