Friday, January 29, 2016

Collapse Is The "New Normal"

Nothing is allowed to change in the old age home, so instead, the bar just keeps getting lowered...

Futures up 12 points...

Overnight the Bank of Japan implemented negative interest rates to pay people to borrow money. The days of Central Banks targeting trickle down casino gains are ending. Global currency wars are escalating...

Meanwhile in the corporate profit/revenue recession...

Chevron swings to unexpected loss after revenue falls 30%. Company was expected to earn $.45 per share, instead they lost $.31 per share. Oh well...

Amazon profit per share missed by 30% ($1 versus $1.53)
Mastercard misses on revenue
Simon Property offers soft outlook
Johnson Controls sales and profits decline
Boeing Revenues miss
Apple Revenue outlook negative for first time since 2003
Ebay revenue miss
"United Technologies Inc. missed revenue by a staggering $1 billion as all units suffered declines."
Johnson & Johnson revenue miss
Procter & Gamble revenue miss
Dupont revenue miss
Coach revenue miss
Corning revenue miss
Hershey revenue miss
Kinder Morgan revenue miss
AT&T revenue miss
Ericsson revenue miss
Molson-Coors revenue miss
General Dynamics revenue miss
Freeport McMoran revenue miss
U.S. Steel revenue declined
Tupperware revenue declined
IBM revenue decline
Abbott Labs profit falls 15%

In the old age home, nothing is allowed to change that could affect the Dow casino. Desperate gamblers will continue to buy the colossal lie, as long as collapse remains stable. The loudest clowns run the circus, therefore since 2008 they've conveniently decided to recast failure as success. They call it "the New Normal" - the steady state of continual collapse.

When the Yuan goes down every day, the Chinese Fascists say it's stable. The first derivative Yuan is collapsing, but the rate of decline is stable. 

When bloggers speak of economic decline, Obama says they are "peddling fiction". Because like Bush, throughout his term, the decline has been stable. Right up until Lehman. 

Likewise when earnings go down every quarter, Joe Kernen wears his best clown face and tells us it's another buying "opportunity". 

The Fed pausing rate hikes forever because the economy is missing in China...that's bullish for stocks...