Friday, January 8, 2016

Flash Crash 2.0: Denialation Time

"The expert reality skeptics led by uber-clown Joe Kernen and the other CNBS mega-dunces, took the final implosion of the fantasy stocks (Facebook, Amazon) etc. as an excellent buying opportunity..."

As we see, cash is a four letter word to the Idiocracy...the sheeple at home have no chance...

Melissa Lee (Harvard dunce):
"scorn on you for going to cash"

Fast Money Deja Vu: 
This is the same count we had back on August 20th, two days before the Flash Crash. The Idiocracy enjoyed Flash Crash 1.0 so much, they decided to ride out another one. They never learn, which I suppose is what makes them an Idiocracy.

This should be the last one...
Down volume / total volume

Option bets on a crash (skew)

Nasdaq 100 with % of stocks above 200 dma:

This week closed lower than Flash Crash 1.0:

Amid mass complacency (TRIN):

"Finally, a chance to buy Amazon at a discount"

The average stock is below Flash crash levels

Oil and energy stocks monkey hammered

UK FTSE: No margin of error

(Dollar) Yen closed at the lows of the week...

Value Line Geometric Index