Friday, January 8, 2016

All Because "It Can't Happen To Me"

China was limit down TWICE this week, which created a fantastic buying opportunity for the Idiocracy...

"There's no question...Buy Emerging Market stocks"

Of course it can't happen to them - denialistic zombies are special. Unencumbered by facts or reality, freed to focus on ESPN and Kardashians.  

This just in: Don't let facts get in the way of self-obliteration:
Jan. 8, 2016
Factset: Fourth quarter profits to decline ANOTHER -5.3%

"On September 30, the estimated earnings decline for Q4 2015 was -0.6%"

"At the sector level, nine of the ten sectors recorded a decline in the bottom-up EPS estimate during the fourth quarter"

Below: Corporate self-liquidation. aka. "Profits", with the joke recovery. By and for the largest collection of dunces in human history, without any possible comparison. The first society to lay itself off for special dividends. 

"They were well stocked. For the next decade"
Inventories - sales: