Friday, December 11, 2015

ZEN And The Brick Wall of Dopamine

Trained monkeys are running headfirst into the brick wall of dopamine. Only one side will "win". Nothing is collapsing faster than the disposable zombies desperately clinging to fake-believe. The facade is melting, literally...

Trained monkey aka. hardcore reality skeptic
"So what you're saying is that the status quo is not working?"

The goal of the status quo is to assimilate the Borg, which has been accomplished in near totality. Now, the Branded Idiocracy is collapsing mentally - exhausted from their rat race to nowhere. The ZEN-mind is prepared for what comes next...

My journey towards ZEN began when I decided I didn't want to be a trained monkey anymore. Control the mind, or the mind controls you...Suffice to say, we are surrounded by well-trained monkeys. Chasing material status is a brick wall dead-end, financially and personally.

Like many others before me, my journey changed from the outside to the inside. Money I view solely as a buffer against adversity. I am free of want. My goal wasn't to be "better" than anyone else, quite the opposite - my goal was to stop competing. Stop comparing. Stop conforming. To rid myself of anxiety, which I accomplished 100%.

The tools are well known - meditation, mindfulness, diet, rest, exercise, supplementation. Too often it's the will to change that is missing. Apparently most people enjoy being a trained corporate bitch. Why, I can't say - lack of self-esteem?

Many speculate about what the dire future holds. I have some ideas, most are optimistic. Nothing overly specific, because no one really knows. 

For the Zen-minded, the relevant question isn't "what happens in the future", it's what kind of person do I want to be when I face that future?

The goal is not to be a burned out corporate monkey at the end of it all. Or more likely, at the beginning of it all...