Friday, December 11, 2015

Shanghai Surprise: CasinoNomics By Harvard

Having clusterfucked their own stock market, the Chinese government just announced today, they're now managing the global casino...

First some terminology:
CasinoNomics by Harvard: In lieu of a real economy - which seems like a lot of work - instead, stoned gamblers are encouraged to throw their life savings away at the stock casino, while pretending to be wealthy...

Here's how it works in China:

As we see above, earlier this year, the Chinese government actively promoted Bernankenstein's patented CasinoNomics by Harvard. Which led to binary catastrophic results within mere weeks of implementation. Just today, we learn that the Chinese government is now managing the entire global casino...

WSJ: Dec. 11, 2015
China's Central Bank Signals Intention to Loosen Yuan/dollar peg i.e. because the weak economy is leading to capital outflow...

The best part:
"The PBOC is testing how far it can let the yuan depreciate without setting off a sharp selloff like the one that followed the yuan’s surprise devaluation on Aug. 11, people close to the central bank have said."

Because when the global meltdown is already underway they'll jump in their time machine and go back two days. Holy fuck.

"Stand back everyone, we're testing for the point of meltdown...when this doesn't work, we'll just go back to Communism and assign everyone to a ghost city"

Chinese stocks with China growth rate i.e. Third wave down at all degrees of trend:

Chinese Yuan with S&P: "Testing, testing, 1,2,3..."
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Dollar/Yuan (red) with Yen/dollar (black):