Thursday, December 24, 2015

FULL Walmartization: Third World Aspirations

The fundamental flaw in modern PonziNomics, is that EconoDunces never measure who benefits. They just say "well there's more money, so that means the system's working great..."

And then they lose THEIR job and realize belatedly that they were always only dunces in the first place.

2016 is the year Oxfam predicts that the wealthiest 1% will have more money than everyone else combined...

MW: Dec. 24th, 2015
Great News: Jobless Claims Are the Lowest Since 1973

The key to Obama's pseudo-recovery, is that when unemployment insurance runs out (99 weeks), then people are no longer counted as officially unemployed. 

You see, according to the Idiocracy, if you can't find a job after a certain amount of time, then you must be retired.

The U6 unemployment rate which is never published by lamestream jackasses, includes people who are long-term unemployed, plus people who have part-time jobs who used to have full time jobs.

As we see, Obama's "recovery" has left unemployment at levels previously associated with recession...

1973 was not a good year for lying, either...stocks went down in a straight line when the "Nifty 50" rolled over. Back then fund managers only had to own 50 stocks to beat the market. Today gamblers only have to hold the FANG 4 to beat the market...

"The de facto Idiocracy grew much smarter over time, eventually concentrating all of their fake wealth in just four must-own stocks"

Nasdaq 100 with Nasdaq % of stocks above 200 dma