Wednesday, December 23, 2015

The No Zen Zone: A Self-Inflicted Death Spiral

The corporate disposable batteries are fully drained and ready for disposal. The Idiocracy's biggest problem is itself

When a society has no values, then it values nothing, aside from its own conspicuous consumption...

The signature of the Idiocracy is a society that can't get out of its own way. Every problem is self-inflicted. The higher concerns of humanity can never be addressed, because the Idiocracy is too busy setting itself on fire. Planning for the future is not an option when the refugee camp is in continual red alert mode. We have to invade country 'x', because the invasion of country 'y' didn't go as planned. "We can't fix ourselves, so we might as well fix the foreigners".

Looking at any one individual and you can see it on a micro scale. We live in a society of addicts, wherein entire industries aka. big pharma, are devoted just to saving people from themselves. The side effects are worse than the problem itself, and can be "easily remedied" with more pills... 

Just this week we learned that "lifestyle" choices are responsible for 70-90% of cancers:


Today's corporate model consists of fostering addiction to ensure repeat customers. It's where the marketing dollars are spent and the so-called "R&D" on what type of crack junk food will most likely induce the primal instinct to over-consume.

Today's de facto "business model" consists of killing people as slowly as possible...

Over a billion confirmed kills

The Empire is under Big Mac Attack
(Combined fatality from heart disease, cancer, diabetes):