Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Meltdown In Broad Daylight: The Farce Awakens

Central Banksters, inspired by Bernie Madoff, figured out that as long as the Dow remains pinned to all time highs, then everything else can be sold in broad daylight...

Continuing Yuan Devaluation, destabilizing the currency markets
Emerging Market currencies reaching new lows
EM Stocks at multi-year lows
EM Bonds at multi-year lows
Oil at decade lows
Commodities at four decade lows
Junk bonds at Lehman wides
Leveraged loans below 2011 levels
Worst market breadth since Lehman
Market liquidity lower than 2008
Massive institutional and insider liquidation
Profit and revenue decline across 70% of sectors
Stoned populace oblivious to risk
Wall Street ALL IN for year-end bonus

Option bets on a crash all time high...

20 year Treasury yield (red) with one year Treasury...the bond market is saying this rate hike will have the shelf life of a rotten banana...which is far longer than I expect it to last:

Fed implosion is another reason to buy stocks...

What could go wrong?
Facebook, Amazon, Netflix, Google and Microsoft versus the rest of the Nasdaq...

S&P with % of stocks above 200 dma:

Russell 2000 small cap:


Jedi Mind Trick for stunned dunces
S&P with Fed balance sheet (red) and short-term Treasuries (green)