Tuesday, December 15, 2015

LIMIT DOWN: "No One Can Predict The Inevitable"

The world's largest stock is trading like a brick and the rest of Mega-cap Tech (Facebook, Amazon, Microsoft, Google) closed at their lows yesterday...key reversals for the last few stocks that comprise the so-called "market"...

iPhoney 11++

The thick black line below shows current level of liquidity. Coloured lines represent historical liquidity depth. X-axis along bottom is time of day. 


The definition of an Idiocracy is a society that talks non-stop but never learns anything. Blowing smoke up each others' asses is their way of comfort-seeking that requires no change or action. Because in the old age home, absolutely nothing is allowed to change. If dinner time was moved from 4:30 to 5pm, the geezers would shit a brick. 

We already know EXACTLY how this will end, we just don't know the exact millisecond. So from the Idiocratic standpoint, that's totally useless information. If they can't buy a weekly option to trade it, then it's clearly a Black Swan head-in-ass event. 

There was a Flash Crash in 2010 that cost trillions of dollars. Ignored. And then there was just another one this past August. Ignored. There are single-stock flash crashes every single day.

We're just waiting for the one that sticks.  

"Because that's how we roll baby..."

This of course is the "low volatility" fund, which lost five years of gains in one millisecond. You cannot possibly make this shit up...

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