Friday, December 18, 2015

S&P 666 to Amazon 666. Perfect Ending to the Fake Recovery

"At the end, zero-profit Amazon bankrupted every other retailer by importing directly from China and bypassing the U.S. economy which had become "a mere detail, to be outsourced". The stock was duly added to the Dow so that Etraders could trade it back and forth pretending to be wealthy. They were shocked and outraged when it all collapsed with only seven years' notice..."

Add bad karma to the list of technical indicators...

You can't possibly make this shit up. The zero profit stock that's bankrupting the ENTIRE U.S. retail sector is next in line for the Dow. 

The unfounded, asinine, ludicrous belief in the "jobless consumer" just went FULL RETARD...

Amazon and Macy's