Wednesday, December 16, 2015

An Inconvenient Obliteration

Global Warming is bankrupting the Energy industry

But we'll just pretend it's not actually happening...

The MAX PAIN trade is not in oil it's in Natural Gas which just hit a new 17 year low this week, mostly due to the unseasonably warm "weather", that happens to take place every day now. 

Energy companies exposed to natural gas are getting decimated, along with their junk debt...

My advice for those reality skeptics who don't "believe" in Global Warming - keep holding onto those soon-to-be-bankrupt stocks, they'll make good 4-ply ass wipe. Which is about to be in high demand:

Natural Gas:

Natural Gas stocks are tanking

TK Tankers:

Reality is coming for the CasinoConomy denialists next...

Wilshire 5000 with S&P average stock: