Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Trust The Farce

Janet Yellen today: "If we don't raise rates now, employment and inflation could overshoot our objective"

"...And we don't want to overshoot full unemployment"
Labor Farce Non-Participation rate:

The Fed and Bank of China are draining liquidity at the same time. When the Dow hits zero, leveraged gamblers will get the QE4 they've been waiting for...

"Let's take a $trillion out of liquidity for starters, and see what happens. When we hit meltdown, we'll back off a bit..."

"That's why you have the PhD"

World stocks ex-U.S. twenty year low with commodities at 45 year low...

I seem to recall this was more fun a year ago
The S&P has traded through this level 30 times, but who's counting...

All shorts must cover prior to collapse...
Mission O'Complished

Another chance to buy Facebook

Equal weight / cap weighted S&P: