Saturday, December 12, 2015

2.5 (Trading) Days To Lift-off aka. Terminal Idiocracy

"At the end of Dumbfuckistan, global meltdown was EXTREMELY bullish..."

The stoned Idiocracy is 100% bought in to their fake-believe recovery. They have a head-on date with reality, they just don't know it yet...

"The more time we allow for job cuts to fund stock buybacks at 0%, the more likely the outsourced economy will have floated back from China"

Average S&P stock with short-term interest rates:

"over the last three months, inventory growth exceeds sales growth in 70% of these sectors," 

Inventories - sales

Corporate profits with interest rates:

Employment (blue) with stocks (divided by debt):

There are two scenarios on the table. 
This is what I assume will occur between now and 2pm Wednesday...

If by some miracle that doesn't happen, then this is the next most likely scenario: