Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Third Grade Math. Third World Mentality

The truth is always the exact opposite of whatever the Idiocracy believes. Globalization, aka. the age of Walmart, was seen as the beginning of a Third World factory-slave-sponsored mass consumption binge. Of course, in reality, it wasn't the beginning of a consumption binge, it was the ending of one, via mass unemployment, debt and collapse. Once 7.4 billion people all wanted what we have, our "way of life" was put on notice. *Free trade* was the means by which it was bulk exported by today's copious dullards

Commodity prices with China GDP growth rate. Today's dunces think China's the only country collapsing, when everything they sell is bought by us...

Zero sum game visualized

"If we only got rid of the Fed, all problems would be solved"
I read this bullshit all the time. "It's those fucking Keynesians in the Marriner Eccles Building". Apparently, the Fed forced global corporations to put profits above people and destroy millions of local businesses and communities worldwide. Sure, whatever. 

The answer of course is that today's denialists can't handle the fucking truth. Because the truth doesn't require a PhD in bullshit, it merely requires 3rd grade math...

Q1: How many planets would we need if everyone were to live like an American?

A: 4

How many do we have? 1

[Stop me any time...]

Q2: If China now does everything we used to do, why is our minimum wage still 10x China's?

A: We have higher productivity debt. And we make better cappuccinos

Q3: What happens when the debt goes away?

A: The people who say this is all due to the Fed will realize they're not that smart after all.