Sunday, November 22, 2015

Mental Breakdown: The Truth Is "Unthinkable"

Being fake was a choice. At first...

The decision to winnow life down to sports and entertainment started out as a choice and now it's the only option. Questioning the decaying status quo is beyond the mental capacity of the Idiocracy...

"I don't ask questions"
"I don't know how we got here"
"I don't know where we're going"
"I had no clue the economy was being outsourced"
"I thought we could borrow our way out of a debt crisis"
"I believed the official unemployment rate"
"I figured everyone else would get laid off, not me"
"I thought our wages are higher because we make the best cappuccino"
"I trusted Wall Street to manage my money"
"I trusted the game show hosts to manage Wall Street"
"I trusted CNN to tell me when this was all ending"

Being a dunce was a choice. When one person borrows too much money, that's called being profligate and irresponsible. When an entire nation borrows too much money, that's called "Macroeconomics" by Harvard...

Sheeple didn't have to be dunces, they made that choice. The attraction of winnowing life down to sports and entertainment was a simplifying decision. It meant that we could all compete on a linear axis - which team did what when, and which outfit is Kim Kardashian wearing. 

Everything else, including the economy, was a fucking "detail", to be outsourced. After all, we can't all compete if we're not all the same. Conformity is the basis of competition. And competition is the meaning of life in the Idiocracy. It just also happens to align perfectly with corporate objectives as well, but that's probably just a coincidence. 

Being a society of loud know-it-all circus clowns who in reality don't know a fucking thing, started out as a choice. Now it's the only mentally tenable option and even that thread of sanity is breaking: