Sunday, November 22, 2015

A Garbage Society: Begging To Be Flushed Down The Toilet

Globalization has debased everything, but especially the people. Nowhere is this more evident than on college campuses where all of the iniquities of this debased society are unleashed upon unprepared 18 years olds, who have all of the maturity of a 1950s era 12 year old. There are many apologist tools saying that campus rape is a hoax - who apparently themselves don't have kids of their own at college today. I have two enrolled now and one on the way. I also have four nieces and nephews enrolled. I can personally attest that it's a fucking cesspool beyond any description - emblematic of society at large. A human toxic waste dump. Most rapes are obviously never reported due to the ubiquitous use of date rape drugs. Suffice to say "the adventure" of waking up in a strange place half-clothed having no recollection of the night before, has now become sadly commonplace. These drugs were not around when most of today's apologists were enjoying their own "best time of my life", while learning to be the yuppy sociopaths leading today's decaying world order aka. "the status quo". 

Fortunately, the entire corrupt "system" is on the verge of collapse, not to mention the past and present students and parents.

The main takeaways from university:


Date rape

Rote memorization

Specious theories

Mass conformity

Mass shootings

Indoctrination into the corporate status quo

Meaningless piece of paper - social stratification device



Most important of all...learning how to fuck people over with a big happy smile