Wednesday, November 11, 2015

The Status Quo Is A Figment Of the Dow Illusion

The order of the day is selling the order of the day, while pretending that everything's A-Ok. When the illusion is lifted, there will be nothing left to save...

In the meantime, it's the job of Fox & Friends to brainwash dullards into believing they're entitled to uninterrupted leveraged mass consumption while the rest of the world starves.  So it's comforting to know that Goldman Sachs' best and brightest are right now determining the next option for monetizing the future. Since the anachronistic concept of "responsibility" was discarded by the Idiocracy a long time ago.

Intra-generational theft is now the uptmost priority, with today's best and brightest working on the next best options:

The hole is being dug deeper with every passing day. The intellectually bankrupt fantasy of this era is that this is all a "cyclical" issue. We're just in another cycle and the good times are on the way. No one wants to admit that this is a structural issue and that the structure is being liquidated for special dividends with each and every passing day. To admit the source of the problem would require personal introspection and a realization that the status quo was never sustainable much less scalable across 7.4 billion people. It was always a very well marketed illusion.  

When this "cycle" ends, they will be very surprised to learn that there is nothing left to bail out. They've ensured it: