Tuesday, November 10, 2015

"We Can't Afford Higher Wages, But We Can Afford Bankruptcy"

We're surrounded by fucktards in every direction, who are too busy monetizing poverty to realize this is all ending...

While there may well be better solutions to the higher minimum wage (reverse tax etc.), the tools that attack higher wages offer no alternative solution. In other words they can't solve the problem, because they are the problem. Their fake wealth is a zero sum game versus higher wages. So all they say is that higher wages will cause higher unemployment. As if the status quo isn't doing that already.

ZH: Nov. 11, 2015
The Machine That Puts Striking Burger Flippers Out of Work

No human being can compete with 0%. It's an infinite ROI. Anything and everything can be automated for "free", except of course when demand doesn't show up, like it didn't show up for oil and iron ore and every other commodity. The investment in overcapacity using 0% poverty capital - a strategy reserved solely for the dumbest fucktards on the planet. 

Oh and this just in:
You literally couldn't pick a worse day to be talking about machines putting people out of work...

"We can't afford higher wages, but we can afford bankruptcy"

It's corporate self-liquidation for special dividends Exhibit A:
"McDonald's Corp.'s corporate credit rating was downgraded one notch on Tuesday...The new rating leaves McDonald's debt at three notches above "junk" status. Earlier Tuesday, McDonald's said it would finance about $10 billion in cash returns to shareholders by issuing debt, acknowledging that the announcement would likely lead to a credit downgrade."

i.e. Every tool who thinks that a higher minimum wage will put people out of a job, is right now putting themselves out of a fucking job. But they have no way of figuring it out, because they lack the mental capacity to look beyond their own immediate interests. 

And that's all good. Because "this" insanity can't end until everyone is on the same page. 

In the *new* economy, people make things for themselves, bypassing the corporate middle-men and their bitch apologists, pretending to be wealthy.