Saturday, November 28, 2015

Free Lunch: The Last Temptation Of Terminal Idiocracy

"When 1% interest rates didn't achieve full bankruptcy, they switched to 0% instead. No one questioned 'the system'..."

The Free Trade/Free Lunch club imported poverty, and recycled it into low interest rates to subsidize leveraged consumption. All of which made perfect sense to EconoDunces, because there was never any connection made between low prices, low interest rates, and low wages. Implausible deniability being the opiate of the deeply stoned masses... 

Low prices, low wages, low interest rates. Always: 

When 1% for one year ended catastrophically, they used 0% for seven years to finish the job...

Mutual Assured Bankruptcy:
35 years later and 'no one' questioned 'the system':

Fed Funds with capacity utilization:

Jobs / U.S. population:

Fed Funds with consumption sentimentality aka. the last temptation of the Idiocracy...