Saturday, November 28, 2015

Reality Is a "Hoax": Denialists Demand "More Proof"

Today's reality skeptics playing with their coloring books, would like to be buried in proof. For once we agree on something...

The infantile Idiocracy is bounding head first into the dumpster of history. There's no one to stop them:

To this late date, today's Madoff alchemists have squandered untold trillions to propagate their Potemkin fantasy. They've used every gimmick conceivable to monetize the future. Throwing away their life savings away on Amazon, Shanghai-style, they themselves are the last part of this illusion. And yet they still require more proof...

Self-burial costs, and counting:
Global Dow with global growth rate (red)

Today's hedonistic, nihilistic, denialists need more proof...

Proof that the planet is buckling from the consumption oriented lifestyle

Proof that Wall Street can't be trusted. Again.

Proof that corporations won't put them out of a job

Proof that politicians are ALL clueless morons

Proof that EconoDunces have absolutely no clue what they're doing

Proof that they're an Idiocracy bankrupting themselves

Proof that Faux News is fake

Proof that Free Trade isn't *free*

Proof that Globalization is insolvent

Proof that ISIS is a symptom of a much bigger problem aka. corporate colonialism

That "missing proof" they seek so badly is all going to arrive at the same time. When reality calls the Idiocracy's bluff. 

And the Idiocracy folds like a cheap tent amid carbon self-sequestration: