Monday, November 2, 2015

Ponzi Borrowing Is Not "Keynesian Stimulus"

Paul Krugman is not a "Keynesian" he's a "Ponzian", to not know the difference is rank amateur...

Contrary to the dunced thinking of the day, borrowing for 35 years straight to patch over a trade deficit while the economy is being outsourced, is not "Keynesian stimulus"

U.S. Real Debt and U.S. trade (deficit)
Someone before 1980 had a fucking brain in their head...

John Maynard Keynes' biggest mistake was not predicting there would be so many fucking morons running amok in positions of leadership. He didn't intend fiscal stimulus to be used for military blunders, to patch over trade deficits, or to fund tax cuts for the ultra-wealthy.

NeoCon "Keynesian Stimulus"
"Let them eat foodstamps and $500m fighter jets..."
(Northrop Grumman, Lockheed Martin, General Dynamics, Raytheon) w/Foodstamps:

What he intended is exactly what the Swiss have implemented via their constitution:

"After years of rising deficits and debt in the 1990s, Switzerland's citizens adopted the debt brake as a constitutional amendment in 2001. The rule was implemented starting in 2003. It states that each year, the budget must be in balance, adjusted for economic conditions. This adjustment is made by multiplying expenditures by a cyclical factor (the ratio of trend real GDP to expected real GDP), thus either allowing for deficits during recessions or forcing lawmakers to have surpluses during booms. Essentially, the rule calls for structural balance in each year and absolute balance over the course of a business cycle. So if lawmakers want to have expansionary fiscal policy during recessions, they need to pay for it by saving up during good economic times. The rule did initially allow for "extraordinary spending" if a qualified parliamentary majority approved, but recent changes have made this spending count as normal expenditures."