Monday, November 30, 2015

The Empire Is Under Big Mac Attack

"By the end, the consumption-oriented lifestyle was killing zombies at a rate that made ISIS look like amateurs"

"Just faking it all the time was taking a massive toll..."

Two years to nowhere:

The Global Dow (all world exchanges) is stalled at a level reached two years ago - and before that 2007:

Who likes charades?
France CAC (20 years):

London FTSE, back in 1999

"How to defeat ISIS?"
Does Faux News really want to defeat ISIS or just sell more advertisements?

It's the new McCheese bomb. It's a weapon of mass destruction - toxic waste that zombies eat like candy...And they only cost $1 each, but the Pentagon pays $5,000/per

Weapon of Mass Destruction:

The Idiocracy's greatest enemy, McChucks, is up 33% since August (215% annualized).

Who knew that killing zombies would be so profitable?

"We can't afford universal health coverage"