Monday, November 30, 2015

Carbon Sequestration: Buried By Cynical Bullshit

The glazed doughnut club has not even the slightest clue that the carbon shut-off program has been in development for seven years now...

They don't "believe" in global warming, and yet they cling to their own hubristic self-serving lies. All good. All that's needed for maximum carbon reduction is for cynical bullshit artists to keep blowing smoke up everyone's ass while their beloved status quo gets liquidated for special dividends. 

The biggest contributor to global warming is exceptional blowhards making fake promises at climate conferences that are broken before the champagne goes flat. All while cynical reality skeptics playing with their colouring books, tell us that it's just a hoax anyway.

Glazed doughnut visualized aka. Rush Limbaugh
"I entrust my faith and my future to Wall Street, McDonald's, Monsanto, and Exxon..." 

Let them believe what they want. 

Clearly this won't end without EVERY tool being ALL IN on the insolvent status quo, and we can't get there without the lying circus clowns.