Thursday, November 5, 2015

"If You Build It, They Will Come" Or Not...

History's largest output gap, financed using 0% poverty capital, compliments of mass layoffs...

Demand didn't show up. Shocker.

MS World index (ex-U.S.) with Commodities

Iron ore race to the bottom aka. why Aussie/Yen is not rallying
CNBC: Nov. 4, 2015
Iron Ore Prices Will Continue to Fall

"Seen as a key gauge of the global economy, the raw material used in steel production is under heavy pressure as construction activity slows in largest consumer China. Normally, that would spur companies to curtail production.

We'll make it up on volume, because that always helps price...
"Despite slowing demand in China, the world's top three iron-ore producers—Brazil's Vale SA as well as Australia's BHP and Rio Tinto—continue to churn out record volumes of the product as the companies rely on low cost of production to bolster their earnings."