Thursday, November 5, 2015

Extreme Harvard Risk: Beyond Ponzi

Ponzi schemes collapse suddenly and violently, this one will be no exception. 

There used to be only one type of Ponzi scheme, but the Idiocracy has taken Ponzi to level 11 on the asinine scale...

The whole problem we face is that our forebears never predicted there would be a society as dumb as this one, so they didn't create adequate safeguards. They never predicted the Idiocracy...

"Did you ask Elvis what he thinks about a rate hike?"

The many levels of Ponzi:

Ponzi borrowing visualized
GDP-Debt year over year i.e. GDP "Growth" = debt

As much fun as this asinine chicanery appears to be, there are a majority of countries that can't engage in any of the above buffoonery aka. the "Emerging Markets". They are expected to pay their bills the old fashioned way with earned money.

Therefore, they are the ones bearing the brunt of the deflationary meltdown that is stressing their ability to repay debts to the breaking point.

They will be the first dominoes to fall, but far from last.