Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Deflation Is In A Mega-Bull Market

When prices reach zero. The Dow will be there soon after.

The forces of deflation are accelerating with each passing day. Global interest rates at 500 year lows, competitive currency debasements, and mass layoffs are just more fuel to the fire. Today's game show host policy-makers have absolutely no clue or plan to reverse the Tidal Wave of Third World deflation flooding the planet. After all, $200 trillion in financial assets are now priced at 0%. Monetization of poverty is what keeps this shit show running. Globalization is a zero sum game between middle class income and upper class "wealth". All it ever was...

Even at this latest stage there are copious dumbfucks in mass denial as to even the existence of deflation:

ZH: Nov. 3, 2015

"Help, my head's stuck in my own ass. Someone tell me what's next..."

Deflation is in a major bull market that is being fed with each passing day. The blow-off phase is only getting started and suffice to say, re-pricing insolvency is going to make the problem 10x worse...

Because: "No blind man saw that coming"

People are arrogant and ignorant to assume poverty can't reach their doorstep. Right now, it's knocking on the fucking door. Next, it will be kicking it down...