Sunday, September 20, 2015

The Moron Trap: Emerging Markets Are Not Impressed

"Common characteristics of a liquidity trap are interest rates that are close to zero and fluctuations in the money supply that fail to translate into fluctuations in price levels."

"Common characteristics of a moron trap are the same dunces using the same failed policies over and over again until they implode with extreme dislocation. Anyone who falls asleep while caught in the moron trap, wakes up bankrupt." 

If there was anything remotely resembling an economy, the Fed would HAVE TO raise interest rates after 6 years at 0%:

Why the fed didn't raise: Because cheap shit from China just keeps getting cheaper:
Third grade blind man's logic from this chart would indicate that if the red line controlled the blue line instead of vice versa, that a 0% Fed Funds should have caused the blue line to skyrocket instead of being at the lowest "non-recession" level EVER:

Monetary Policy is imported by Walmart...

The chimps at the Fed are just along for the ride. Cheap shit imported from China sets Monetary policy. Any fucktard who believes anything to the contrary is deaf, dumb, blind and soon-to-be-bankrupt. Corporate morons opened up Pandora's box of Third World deflation so they could monetize poverty, and in the end they're going to be monetized...

"Walmart can't afford wages"

The Fed essentially lied this week and used Emerging Markets as the excuse for why they couldn't raise interest rates. Hearing that load of bullshit, Emerging Markets tanked on Friday:

EM Stocks with Russell 2000. Which is which? It won't matter...

This clusterfuck is ending.