Sunday, September 20, 2015

"CASH" Is A Four Letter Word

Wall Street will never EVER tell investors to go to cash, because it's zero yielding, zero bonus.

There is no such thing as cash in an investment account. Cash is what you get from a bank or an ATM machine. Physical money.

From an investment perspective there is only "near cash" aka. Money Market funds (short-term corporate debt) and T-Bills (short-term government debt) aka. 0% interest. 

Nevertheless, much safer than any alternative being pushed by Wall Street.

(Near) cash is for those of us who believe in the deflationary paradigm, as in way too much excess capacity chasing way too little purchasing power.

When prices fall, cash goes up in value. 

Stay tuned for future events, because we ain't seen nothing yet. 

Everything else is total conflict-of-interest bullshit.

Non-stop. 24x7.