Sunday, September 27, 2015

Messianic Laziness: "Where Is Man?"

On one side we are confronted by infantile denialists who inform us that it's irresponsible not to ignore every problem. On the other side we have end-timers coming out with predictions so imminently dire as to make any efforts pointless. Carpe Diem all around...

I see a serious conflict of interest in both of these extreme scenarios. The easiest thing to (not) do is always nothing. And by sheer coincidence that seems to be the conclusion that is always reached, via "scientific means" of course. 

Denialism is abdication of responsibility. Every generation since the beginning of time confronted the fear that a meteor, plague, nuclear war or some other catastrophe could wipe them out at any minute. That didn't stop them from creating a future for their children.

One thing is 100% clear, nothing can get better until the Prozac-happy Terminal Idiocracy self-implodes, at the hands of their trusted psychopaths.

"Where is man?"

Getting a sex change and waiting for ISIS to drop-by.