Monday, September 14, 2015

Terminal Idiocracy = Ignorance x Arrogance

The Idiocracy is operating on a need to NOT know basis...

One can be ignorant and humble, or one can be arrogant and supremely informed. But one can't be both ignorant and arrogant.

What we have is a society that has conveniently decided it's above knowing anything beyond sports and infotainment. The Idiocracy is on a "need to not know basis".

They need to know which email server Hillary Clinton didn't store her emails on, but couldn't care less about the CasinoConomy being sold for special dividends by corporate Mad Men.   

Whereas terminal velocity is a function of altitude i.e. distance from the earth, Terminal Idiocracy is a function of ignorance x arrogance i.e. distance from reality.  

Right now, that skydive into pavement has never been steeper.