Sunday, August 9, 2015

Locus of Denial: Why I Don't Watch CNN

In terms of imminency of collapse, risks are listed from the outside in. Financial risk is the greatest short-term risk, as the amount of at-risk fake "capital" exceeds anything in human history. Economic risk is already de facto. Resource "availability" aka. deep extraction is predicated upon 0% capital aka. the imbalance of trade. Geopolitical and societal risks are dependent upon all of the above. Environmental risk is the least imminent, but arguably the most impactful over coming decades. Barring nuclear war.

Put it a different way, if we can't even discuss the outer risks, don't expect the environment to be a priority under the current denialist paradigm. The good news is that the greatest risk to the environment is the consumption-oriented status quo, which is wholly predicated upon all of the other latent risks.   

Surprisingly, none of these issues has anything to do with restoring "exceptionalism" globally.

Short-term, the greatest implied risk, not shown, are the game show hosts currently in leadership. 

Until they are removed, nothing can improve.