Monday, July 6, 2015

China's CasinoConomy Is Dissolving. In Broad Daylight.

As it turns out, printing money to buy stocks is not the secret to effortless wealth, not withstanding the Idiocracy's best efforts.

And I will share some advice with our Chinese friends who are new to the market-based system...

If you tell people they can't sell, then they don't buy. And the only thing that moves markets faster than too many sellers, is no buyers:

The (Chinese) CasinoConomy:

"The way it works is that instead of investing in a real economy, which seems like a lot of work, gamblers instead throw their life savings into ever-more worthless assets, bidding up the prices, while pretending to be momentarily wealthy. At the end, everyone realizes at the exact same moment that they are actually bankrupt. And that they are history's largest group of serially monetized dumbfucks, without any comparison. " 

Social mood has Central Planners and gamblers bent over the log...

A Third wave down, at all degrees of trend. Into an already collapsing economy. 

Change of underwear highly recommended.

"And let's not get too cocky in this part of the world either, every CasinoConomy will have its day in the sunshine..."