Monday, July 6, 2015

"No Blind Men Saw That Coming"

"Fortunately Greece is contained"

S&P with price range of average stock

The term "Black Swan" Event is a Wall Street fabrication. It's just a term financial alchemists use to cover up their massively correlated colossal systemic bets. LTCM-speak. Now featuring a society borrowing its way out of debt. The 'inevitable unforeseeable' being the opiate of the deep fried masses. As I showed just today, Pearl Harbor, a true Black Swan, ironically marked the LOW point of wave 2. It turns out that the Pacific fleet was on highest alert for imminent Japanese attack at the time, just not at rear echelon, I digress... The stock market rallied off of that event. After all, human history's largest "Keynesian" stimulus was about to be unleashed. But then, according to the Idiocracy, Lehman was also a 'Black Swan' event. Because after Bear Stearns, New Century, Countrywide, WaMu, Fannie/Freddy, Merrill and AIG all failed in the months prior, no one saw Lehman coming. Holy fuck. 

When did people become so stupid? Forget the fiscal deficit, the attention deficit is the biggest deficit we face by far. The surfeit of morons in every direction is beyond frightening.

Oh, and meanwhile, Global Dow is now negative going back to 2013, despite human history's largest amount of casino stimulus having been thrown down the shit hole on special dividends and stock buybacks. And global interest rates at a 500 year low...

Social Mood will be the final arbiter of this shit show. It didn't have to be, but it will. Basically the moment when a bunch of dumbfucks all come to full realization at the exact same time that they are just a bunch of dumbfucks.

And then the underwear will be stained, to be sure. It will be a brown swan event.

Prechter will have his last laugh. And he will laugh hard and long, because there is no worse realization than that one.

When you're not subscribed to reality, everything is a "Black Swan" event.