Thursday, July 9, 2015

Herding By Psychopaths: Mass Obliteration By Hubristic Morons.

We are led by people who are too fucking stupid to realize how stupid they are. 

China's Central Planning Bernie Madoffs just rounded up and herded their Etrading citizens straight into the bankruptcy abyss in a stunning 6 month timeframe. Following a fleeting moment of "wealth" that cost them everything, they were all summarily "Cynk'd" to reality, literally overnight. We are now witnessing the spectacular failure of CasinoConomy aka. Central Planning for billunaires.

U.S. gamblers are laughing nervously at the hubris of the Chinese for thinking that a Centrally planned stock market rally could ever work, given that it had the shelf life of a rotten banana. Straight up. Straight down. Little do they admit that Bernankenstein invented CasinoConomy: The concept that instead of investing in a real economy, gamblers will just throw their life savings into the stock market, bidding it up, while basking in the momentary "wealth effect". All with momentum assistance from Central bank liquidity. And all while the real economy collapses in real time. The end game being violent collapse and the realization - as we are seeing in China - that everyone is a bankrupt dumbfuck, at the exact same time. 

As we've learned from 2008, crony capitalists only dislike Central Planning when it benefits the regular people. When it benefits the ultra-wealthy, Central Planning is the order of the day. Unfortunately as we are witnessing in real-time compliments of China, Central Planners can't control the actions of millions of market participants, who always find a way to liquidate. The Chinese just made short selling illegal. Which is reminiscent of the short selling ban the U.S. imposed back in 2008, for 14 days post-Lehman.

Post-Lehman 14-day short-selling ban on financial stocks:

We don't have to guess how this will end, we know how it ends. In the abyss.

The U.S. stock market is going to get "CYNK'd" with reality. Along with the rest of the world...

Oh, and this just in:  "too bad", apparently sweatshop exploitation doesn't create a Middle Class, after all. "A global middle class is more (temporary) corporate profit, than reality":

"Oh well, better luck next life. In this life we need you to make cheap shit for Walmart"

"Fortunately, it can't happen to me"