Wednesday, July 8, 2015


CYNK'D: a halted stock that re-opens at $0

CasinoConomy: Where Etraders throw their life savings away on 'imagined realities' just prior to getting Cynk'd

I noticed that options volatility on the S&P 100 was higher than on the S&P 500:

This is the ratio of the two indices:

Because the U.S. CasinoConomy is already massively disintegrated...

Which is a more detailed version of this...

Unhedged funds are just NOW starting to hedge (today's reading circled)

Which means that the U.S. market is going to get CYNK'd like China i.e. a binary collapse with extreme dislocation amid zero liquidity and no buyers. HALTED on alternating exchanges for days on end and opening limit down. 

CYNK'D Visualized:
Chinese small caps getting CYNK'd

The entire world is about to get CYNK'D by Skynet on a rolling basis.