Thursday, June 4, 2015

Reaching Terminal Idiocracy: DEEP IMPACT

This clusterfuck is going to implode with maximum velocity. And don't expect them to face the truth until they're already fully buried by their own self-delusional lies.

The IMF says that the U.S. economy will float back from China sometime in 2016. It's somewhere over the Pacific. In the meantime, another year at 0% will automate the remaining jobs:

The new bogus narrative for why the economy is missing in action, is because worker productivity is TOO LOW. As usual, the truth is the exact opposite. But we can't face the truth because that would require admitting that the de facto Globalized Corporate pseudo-economy is inherently flawed. And whatever happens, that truth must never be admitted, because that would imperil the almighty status quo: aka. Walmart heaven.

ZH: June 4, 2015

But then the inconvenient truth: Anyone who has worked in a real company for more than :15 minutes in the past seven years - which excludes the entire media - knows that fewer and fewer employees have been asked to do ever more work. Meaning that productivity is historically off the charts, literally:

But eventually, there is a limit to how much you can squeeze an ever-dwindling workforce for ever-greater profit in the face of declining self-cannibalized revenues: formerly-known-as-the Middle Class.

And we've reached that limit. Also known as Terminal Idiocracy.

History will not be kind to the generation that laid itself off between episodes of American Idolatry.