Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Corporate Government: Worst of All Evils

Those debating the relative merits of Capitalism versus Socialism, are too often talking past each other.

In the real world there rarely if ever exists a pure case of capitalism or socialism. In a socialist utopia, most assets are publicly owned, hence allowing the broadest possible access. To the chagrin of capitalists, it largely achieves its goals. In a capitalist utopia, almost all assets are private. The incentive to work is extreme, and to the chagrin of socialists, it largely achieves its goals.

However, the conjoining of public and private, leads to the worst possible outcome. Because it benefits the few at the expense of the many. Under the Corporate Government model, public resources are systematically siphoned off into private hands via Government intervention.

Americans Are Heading North For Affordable Degrees
How can a Socialist country offer lower tuitions, out of state? Don't all of those government "subsidies" increase costs? No, the difference is because the Canadian schools are public.
(And don't even ask about in-Province tuition, it's one-fifth of what's indicated here):

Sadly and perversely, social programs that were "intended" to serve the poorest, now end up enriching the already wealthy. 

Capitalists say this is a failure of socialism. Socialists say this is a failure of capitalism. Whereas, the system in question is neither truly capitalist nor socialist: It's the systematic allocation of public assets into private hands. 

It's why the U.S. has the highest healthcare and education costs of any other developed nation without comparison. Because it's neither capitalist nor socialist.