Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Then There Were None

Ponzi Schemes fail from the bottom to the top. Each tier being monetized and silenced in turn. 

The bottom tier Third World nations, are the last ones in, so they were monetized from the beginning. Globalization being nothing more than a corporate sweatshop masquerading as an extremely cynical "end to poverty". No one spoke for them, because they represented cheap junk at Walmart.

Then, the middle class went under the bus starting in the 1980s with Reaganomics aka. "Trickle Down Economics" aka. "Voodoo Economics". Or what today's Jenner-aspiring man-boys call "Keynesian" stimulus, delivered via tax cuts for liquidating Romneybots. No one spoke for the Middle Class, except the Family Guy.   

And of course, as I write, the upper middle class aka. "Outer Party" is in the final stages of monetizing itself. That pointlessly competitive segment of the population who turned life into an extended high school popularity contest. Those who should have spent a bit more time studying and less time "networking" with like-minded dumbfucks. 

Last to know will be the fat and happy slumdog billunaires who will be surprised to learn that their Ponzi wealth was merely a transitory illusion.