Saturday, June 20, 2015

Casino Gamblers Got What They Wanted: A Failed Recovery

The Game of Dumbfucks Is Ending. At 0%. Corrupt Etraders are getting what they apparently wanted all along - a portfolio of worthless stocks...

Reuters June 18, 2015
Investors cheered news this week that the Fed once again lowered its economic growth forecast
"Stock markets around the world rallied on Thursday, while the U.S. dollar fell, a day after the Federal Reserve signalled that interest rates would rise more slowly than many had expected...lowering its forecasts for 2015 economic growth and reducing its federal funds rate forecast."

The wealthiest fucktards don't want economic recovery. Instead, they want to continue to pillage the economy for stock buybacks at 0%, while pretending that the economy will float back from China any minute now. 

Careful what you wish for...
As we see below, the global business cycle has already peaked and is now slowing. So the window of opportunity to normalize interest rates has passed. The Idiocratic myth of the omnipotent Central Banksters is about to get tested. This is 2008. Late. Except with no hedging whatsoever.

Where we are in the global business cycle: RISK OFF:
Growth-sensitive Global Carry versus the U.S. economy via short-term interest rates
DBV Currency Harvest fund (Long Aussie, Kiwi, Norway. Funded by Swiss, Euro, Swedish):

Below, just looking at the U.S. in isolation, the likelihood of an interest rate increase, is the limit approaching impossible:

Inflation Deflation ETF
"The structure of RINF means that this product should appreciate as the “breakeven” rate of inflation increases."

Or Not...