Saturday, June 20, 2015

RISK OFF: Never Cry Collapse. In Broad Daylight.

Binary Risk Visualized: 1997 Redux
Here is the 100% correlated Japanese Nikkei stock market (red) with Japanese Yen (inverted) both of which peaked BEFORE the final peak in the U.S. circa 2007 (July versus October):

And the MASSIVE unwind was "Binary". Just like it will be this time i.e. overnight:

Chinese stocks peaked with the S&P in 2007
Shanghai Composite

Chinese small caps.
Down -7.97% today...15% from the top...

FXI Chinese Stock ETF with Chinese GDP Growth (red line)
The a-b-c retracement form is highly reliable...

Collapse isn't an "event" it's a process of neglect and liquidation that has been taking place for years in broad daylight, and will culminate with a final spectacle that can only be described as "dumbfuck revelation".