Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Slow Motion Melt Down: They Can't See It

The most apt description for this stagnant Globalized clusterfuck at this late juncture is a pervasive melting down. Everything slowly turning to shit in real-time, while *everyone* puts all effort into pretending that it's not. Disintegrating under the burden of its own stagnation, excess, and morbid lies. The hyper-growth "BRICs" of pre-2007 Globalized fantasy, are today mere stagnant bricks. No one cares that Globalization was nothing more than a massive lie. Fuck 'em. They weren't cut out to be Exceptional. 

A slow melt is a condition rife for wishful thinking, delusion and denialism as so many desperately assume that the status quo will continue indefinitely. They look past the degeneration, the second derivative - and instead pretend that the decaying facade remains the same. The same ten aircraft carrier groups still saving us from "evil doers", albeit now funded solely with borrowed and printed money. 

It's slowly at first, then goodbye to all that, given that most of the damage has already been done. Between Faux News episodes of course.

Extend and pretend, while the trend is the friend...To the end.  

Followed by inevitable acceleration.

Because "No one can predict the inevitable".