Monday, June 1, 2015

ISIS Calling: All Bread and Circuses

"...Famous decathlete Jenner was rescued from obscurity by his step-daughter's viral amateur porn video which had made her an uber-celebrity within the Idiocracy. Kim went on to marry a well known rapper and together they gave birth to son, North West. Not to be outdone, to buy time, Jenner turned himself into a woman at age 65, which gave him another four years of life expectancy. His mother said she was 'proud' of her new daughter, but not as much as when she won the decathlon. His father rolled over in his grave. Jenner's youngest daugher staked her claim by drawing the Idiocracy's attention to the health risks of water vapour trails left behind by airliners: "Am I the only one who sees this?". [Yes. You are Terminal Idiocracy]. Twitter was outraged by the conspiracy. Meanwhile they were being double-stuffed with Frankenfood while the planet was being destroyed right in front of their faces."

Baby Boomers: How to add four years to your life (expectancy)
It's obvious, become a woman:

It was all great spectacle, and seemed to make perfect "sense" at the time i.e. in the moments prior to the collapse and total sacking of the new Sodom and Gomorrah.

No one saw it coming, except ISIS & Company, who were wondering how the fuck this all lasted so long.

Stoned hippies from the 1960s imagining life under Ponzinomics. Total freedom from responsibility while fucking over every future generation: