Friday, June 12, 2015

Full Monetization of The Factory Slaves

CNBC: June 12, 2015
Emerging Markets Hit By Record Outflows
"Emerging markets have seen record outflows, according to new data from fund flow tracker EPFR Global, which showed that funds from the region this week were hit with the worst outflows since 2008."

"The money that has poured out of emerging market funds is no cause for concern for financial markets, as it will be supportive for developed market equities, according to widely-followed investor Dennis Gartman."

PonziWorld August 16, 2014

EM Stocks with Oil Stocks: Highly correlated and back at their respective wedged trend lines...

Oil with EM Stocks: It's a mystery how this all resolves...

EM Local Currency Bond Fund:

I'm sure the meltdown of Emerging Markets will be highly supportive of Oil, the Dow, and most importantly Netflix