Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Baltimore: Canary In The Coal Mine

We're all in the same boat. Despite the fact that most people aren't wearing a life jacket.

I just read this man-boy fantasy stating that 50 years of (Black) Liberal Democratic policies ruined Baltimore. Talk about tempting fate to come shit down your throat sideways. Where to begin...
First off, even a wealthy son of Baltimore admits that big picture, the city was destroyed by 40 years of Supply Side outsourcing. Which is by no means an issue exclusive to Baltimore. At best, liberal policies failed in papering over the chasmic fissures opened up by the gutting of the city's industrial economy. Moreover, to conflate this as a 'racial' issue is to put on the very same Faux News blinders that are preparing right now to wipe out the vast majority. It's that inherent superiority complex both at the national and international level, which has a lot of entitled wind bags looking left down the tracks while the freight train is coming from the other direction. Fifty years of LibDem policies ruined Baltimore, the same way that 50 years of antibiotics would kill a cancer patient. One is treating a symptom, one is the cause. 

If anything, black communities were the canary in the coal mine, because they are often the most economically depressed. As it is in the Third World, inner city black communities have been trapped in poverty's circle of hell for decades now. But we know full well that whites are by no means immune to the black hole of poverty spawned by forty years of failed Reaganomic policies. Even Bush Senior called these policies 'Voodoo economics' back in 1980 during the Republican primaries. And are Asians who now do everything we used to do, racially inferior because they work for ten cents on the dollar? Suffice to say, it doesn't pay to extrapolate the present into the indefinite future when playing the game of debt-sponsored superiority. 

At the root of this colossal fiasco is a sad lack of humility and a sense of entitlement that one class of successful people can fuck over everyone else with impunity - and then make up excuses non-stop for why it was justified.

What we're all waiting for, whether most people realize it or not, is a level-set by which everyone gets on the same fucking page. At which point bloggers can be replaced by honest journalists.