Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Party Like It's 1929: BYOU (Bring Your Own Underwear)

The Dow is doing its part by holding up while everything real collapses in the background
Rupert Murdoch made an unsolicited bid to buy TimeWarner today and thereby assimilate the last part of the U.S. media he doesn't already own. It's hard to imagine how the "quality" of American infotainment propaganda could go any lower, but we are constantly surprised by a new lower common denominator. To wit, I keep seeing the same type of vacuous articles everyday, conjecturing as to why the pseudo-economy isn't "picking up steam". Why are jobless consumers not spending? Why are companies not hiring in the U.S. - when they can get labour in China for ten cents on the dollar? It's all a fucking mystery!!! It's been an "interesting" waste of time - these past few years - waiting for the morons at large to come to terms with the fact that their mass consumption party is already over and the only thing keeping it going is their own manic self-delusion, their fondness for borrowing themselves into oblivion, and their willingness to gamble in the same casino that robbed them the last two times...

All aboard the Transports for the ride into the abyss

The stock market is fat and happy today because Intel is going to allocate 60% of profits to dividends and share buybacks. That's $20 billion this year alone. Well, if you can't have a real economy, might as well make the billionaires happy

Almost a 4-sigma parabolic rally (See %BB lower pane)

They don't ring a bell at the top...?
Johnson & Johnson always peaks last...

This could be a problem. I mean, at some point
Russell 2000: Dow Ratio:

Deja Vu
Just another circle of jerks:
The Nasdaq is at a multi-year high, but 55% of Nasdaq stocks are in a bear market
% of stocks ABOVE 200 DMA:

The most important part of this illusion is that the Almighty Dow Casino clings to its all time high, while everything else collapses in the background. It's critical to maintain the illusion to the very last moment...

BYOU: Bring your own underwear...