Tuesday, June 10, 2014

The "Fuck the Grandkids" Index

Ever wonder why politicians and media buffoons talk incessantly about trivial issues, while everything of importance collapses in the background?

Here's the answer...

Presenting the "Fuck the Grandkids" ETrader Self-Absorption Index
As long as this indicator is at an all time high, there is no need to change anything - the grandkids' future will have to ride under the bus for a "while" longer...

Bulls-Bears 50 Week Moving Average: 8 year high, livin' the dream...
"The end of the world only comes once, and you can't make any money off of it..."

The Hook is Set
Rule #1 of Dope Dealing:
"Don't get high off of your own supply"

E*Trade Financial w/Tesla
Can you tell which is which? Hint: It doesn't matter...