Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Sacking Rome

The Tea Party just sacked Wall Street's most influential Republican supporter 
Eric Cantor of course is the House Majority leader, but he is also one of the most far right of the House Republican leaders and yet he was still outflanked by the Tea Party Taliban. Cantor's primary campaign spent $5 million versus his little known challenger who spent $200k. The Tea Party is launching an early offensive against the entire U.S. government...

Eric Cantor's Top Campaign Contributors by Industry 2013-2014:

The sacking of Uncle Sam has been non-violent so far, however, these are early days and the full reset hasn't even started. This is merely a shot across the bow for America's massively corrupt elites, that business as usual - feeding off the carcass of the dying real economy - is coming to an end.

That said, you wouldn't know it by the mannekins on TV. They still carry on as always - extrapolating their beloved status quo into the indefinite future. For them the implications of this election upset merely pertain to their mid-term election tournament in November. They still can't see that "this" is all ending in real-time, nor will they, right up until the moment that it all comes crashing down around them, "out of the clear blue sky".

Spinning out of Control
Speaking of the Taliban and related insurgents, Iraq is descending into the inevitable Dante's Inferno it was destined to become - now with two cities having fallen to Al Qaeda. Unrest is spreading throughout every corner of the world, and the elites everywhere have literally no "plan B". As it was during the Arab Spring, the elites will cling to their status quo as long as possible and then fall off of the face of the earth literally overnight. 

The Facile Party - the only kind
I wouldn't attempt to extrapolate the geopolitical or even domestic political situation more than five minutes into the future -  guessing at the course of anarchy is a fool's errand at best. That said, the Tea Party's overall contempt for the U.S. government and extreme refusal to compromise on any issue indicates that the U.S. rent-seeking system euphemistically referred to as "politics", is heading for full meltdown. There is really no honest competent leadership in any direction, and we are only seeing the tip of the ice berg. The best way to describe this current generation of uber- buffoons is "facile":  disingenuously over-simplified. Every idea this generation of political buffoons has is inherently facile - for ease of consumption by stoned masses incapable of accepting the truth.

At least one thing everyone will agree upon with the Tea Party is that Wall Street needs to be flushed down the toilet of history.